Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chicago or Cabo?

According to Will, we went to Cabo and saw the Cabo Cubs play baseball.  Really we just got back from 4 awesome days in Chicago.  Maybe Cabo will be our next trip, buddy!

 The first day was jam packed!  We started off with P and Will's first taxi ride to Lincoln Park Zoo.  The weather was awesome and the kids loved checking out the animals.  The size of the zoo was perfect and not too spread out.   I think Will could have watched the gorillas all day.
 The train ride was Parker's highlight.  He was so proud to ride on it.
 Quick family pic with downtown Chicago in the background.  (Also, after walking around the zoo, Will quickly resorted to stroller rides or requested taxis for the remainder of the trip!)
 Love this little cutie posing with his hand on his hip :)

After the zoo, we walked to RJ Grunts for lunch.  Probably one of our favorite meals in Chi town and then rested while the kids played at a park across the street for a few minutes.  Then it was time to hit Wrigley Field!

 The whole purpose of this trip was centered around this baseball game.  After Uncle Joe passed away in January, his firm wanted to have a dedication/celebration at a Cubs game this summer since he was a HUGE Cubs fan and season ticket holder.  Over 120 clients, friends and family flooded the bleacher section for the game.

 This is a screen shot of his ashes being tossed onto the field.  Pretty much perfect!  The whole crowd cheered and it was a special day for MiMi.

 On the way home from the game, we stopped at Millennium Park and visited "The Bean" and walked over to the spitting fountains.

 Every so often the building would make a face and spray/spit water out.  The kids had a blast until P wiped out.  We were all tired and headed back to the hotel to rest and eat dinner.
 After the kiddos were bathed and snuggled in Mimi and B's hotel room, we went out to a nearby bar and met up with Adam's cousin, Chase and his girlfriend, Meg.  We sat outside and caught up while sitting outside on a patio off Michigan Avenue.

 We all were lazy the next morning.  Adam and Will walked down to a nearby donut shop and brought back coffee and breakfast for everyone.  Afterwards, we walked down to the Shedd Aquarium.  

See that long line? Yep, a Shedd employee walked by and told us it would be at least an hour to buy tickets just to get inside.  We knew that wasn't an option for our crew, but then he looked down and saw W in the stroller and informed us a stroller entrance that didn't have a line.  Yes, please!

 Penguins might be Parker's most favorite animal.  He lit up with excitement and ran over to this statue.  All the other statues he was afraid of (at the zoo too!).  This kid exhibited the same affection for them in Sea World this past winter as well.

 Will tried to be brave to touch the stingrays, but would chicken out when they got close or splashed :)
 They had a penguin play area with costumes to dress up in for the kids.  My two loved this area and could have stayed there a long time!

 MoMo took both kids into the gift shop on our way out and treated them to a dolphin and a beluga whale stuffed animals.  Two happy boys!

We rested and enjoyed a quick hot dog lunch before walking back to our hotel.  Later that afternoon, we explored Navy Pier and took a tour of the lake. Meanwhile, Mimi, B and Momo shopped Michigan Avenue.

 Yup, they ventured into the American Girl Doll store and bought a few things for Caroline's 1st bday.  She isn't even here yet, but has an Itty Bitty Baby heading her way!  She is going to be one spoiled little girl :)

 Adam took charge and found us an awesome restaurant for dinner this evening.  Lou Malnatis came highly recommended from a few friends.  So we were happy to be able to secure a table while the rest of the group finished up their shopping.

 We took a limo the airport the next morning.  (The same guy picked us up on the way back from Wrigley Field too.)  We were eager to ride in luxury for 30 minutes, especially when two cabs cost the same amount.  Oh, and the boys chatted nonstop with the driver the whole time.  They loved riding in the long car!

Bye Chicago! It was an awesome trip!

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