Thursday, September 4, 2014

End of Summer ~ Beginning of School!

 We finished up summer by visiting some of our favorite places as well as exploring some new ones.  Feeding the horses off of Howard Rd. was definitely a favorite for my cowboy.  The horse now has a name, thanks to Will.  Please call him "Franker" when you drive past him.

 We met our playgroup friends at Prairie Ridge Ecostation one morning.  Everything is natural and the boys all had fun playing in the woods, crawling through the tunnel and getting muddy!

 PGUMC had a block party with the Grove band, cotton candy and a food truck!
 It had been awhile since we had fed the ducks at Lake Lynn.  After we saw a huge snake chomping on a frog we decided our nature walk was done for the day!

 More food truck fun at WL pool with friends!

 With MiMi retired that means more lunch dates! Last week we all met Aunt MoMo at Mellow Mushroom in Wake Forest!

 Soccer has started back up again for the fall season.  We appear to be a bit more interested in the ball than we were last year, however, after game snacks rank pretty high!  He is on a team with a friend and his coach has the patience of a saint.  No matter what,  it is pretty cute to see a bunch of 3 and 4 year-olds run around one soccer ball!

 The family cheering section!
 Little brother would gladly switch places with Will.  He even has to wear cleats on Saturday mornings too!
 With school back in session for both year round and traditional, we have had the pool to ourselves on some of these hot days.  
 We had another small group outing to the lake.  The guys have one a couple times, but this time we went as couples.  We had Jersey Mikes and pizza for dinner while everyone had the opportunity to tube, ski or wake board until it go dark.  Where are all the kiddos? Oh, we have an awesome sitter who brings along a friend and together they watched all the small group kiddos. They had a pizza party at one house and we had adult fun on the lake- win win!

 For BK's birthday we gave him tickets to the Durham Bulls.  They made it a guys night and they had the best time.  So glad they all enjoy hanging out together so much!

And this brings us up to speed!  We have two official preschoolers this year.  P is going 3 days and W goes 5 days.  They are both loving it and eagerly run to their classrooms each morning.  

We are ready for fall!

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