Friday, August 1, 2014

July Wrap-Up

 The last couple weeks of July were packed with fun! The free movies on Tuesdays continue to be a favorite.  The neighborhood usually meets up and we have the morning off from heat.
 Woodlawn Fiesta Party!  Another neighbor and myself volunteered to coordinate this event.  We had great catering and of course the ice cream truck at the pool was a hit too!

 Will completed his 2nd week of camp this summer where he learned all about dinosaurs.  We celebrated this fun week with a trip to Sola and introduced Mimi to their infamous donuts!
 We have changed up Woodlawn Wednesdays this summer, instead of always ordering pizza or doing potluck with the neighbors we have arranged for a few food trucks to come to the pool.  Looking forward to the next 4 we have lined up!
 About 2 times a week we walk down to the bus stop and wish our neighborhood buddies a good day at school.  Usually, he rocks his jammies and boots and has the best time visiting all of his friends.  One day after waving as the bus pulled away, he asked, "Am I going to be 4 forever? Did I not grow enough this year to ride the bus?"  Oh sweet boy!  Next year, will be here before we know it!
 Parker had a turn at camp. He attended preschool camp for 3 mornings.  He was SO excited about wearing his "dackdack" and carrying his lunch to school.
 That meant I had 3 days of one-on-one time with this guy!  So fun!  We went blackberry picking at Farmer Page's, Raleigh Grande movies with friends and to lunch one day.

 The weather cooled off this past week so visited Pullen Park early one morning before it got crowded.  The boats and carousel continue to be a favorite.
 Glad MiMi had the day off to hang out with us.

 Thursday we met up with the Piscoriks and Hepps and played at 3 Bear Acres.  We continue to love having a membership there.  50 acres for my boys to run and explore!
Summer is almost over!

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