Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hopping back and forth between Winter and Spring!

 Our winter never seems to end over here.  We have spent several weeks lately experiencing 60-70 degree days and then quickly followed by ice/snow.  In the meantime, when the sun is out we are trying to make the most of it and soak up some serious Vitamin D before the cold returns.

 On one of our date nights recently AP and I along with our siblings and friends hit up a concert downtown.  I think my favorite part of the night was eating at The Station before the show.  Somehow we have eaten there 3X in the last month :)

 Will's preschool class hosted a Father's Day breakfast.  Can you tell how excited my little guy was?!!  He could barely stand still for the picture.  So glad they had this little event for them to enjoy.
 With cold weather in the forecast one week, we quickly met Adam at Umstead Park for a quick hike after work. My little nuggets were content throwing stick after stick into the water.

 The neighborhood kids were supposed to have Saturday make-up school that morning, but due to ice it was canceled (We are districted to a local year round school).  It was quite odd later in the day when the ice cream truck came through the neighborhood and some kids were in shorts and t-shirt (or even barefooted!).  Such weird weather!
 Got some one-on-one time with Parke with our new Marbles membership.  Yay! Thumbs up!

 It is the start of fire pit season with all the neighbors! Wahoo!

 Our friend, Sammy came along with us to the Life and Science Museum.  They ran, dug, ate and climbed for over 3 hours.  They all slept hard that afternoon!

 Parker is proud of two things in this pic 1) loves shorts with pockets and 2) He found some old shoes in W's closet and is proud of his "new" high tops :)

 Bottoms up! Its picnic time!

 He is the best errand helper :) He loves lollipops, milk and his Momma!

 Our kids love parades so we made sure to get up early and go downtown for the annual St. Patrick's Day parade. 
 We got there just in time to see our favorite Irish dancers, Mary Carmen and Sarah! 

 We had the perfect spot for viewing the parade and dancing around with our pom poms :)

 After the parade, the kids took naps over at MiMi and B's while Adam and I had an afternoon rock climbing date with the Neals.  It was so much fun, but so much work!  Amanda is quite the pro, but we all had a few good laughs and definitely improved by the time we left.  Looking forward to doing it again with anyone that wants to go!

Yay! Spring come and stay!  We had a great sunny weekend-celebrated a friend's birthday, hung out with neighbors, kids played with friends and the big boys took the boat out (boat season has arrived!)  BUT, once again, snow is predicted AGAIN for Tuesday.  It better not be too big of a storm because Adam and I suppose to fly out to Colorado Wednesday afternoon for 6 days! Wahooo!

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Cynthia said...

Fun spring update! Would love to rock climb next time! I used to go many moons ago :)