Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our Magical Week at DISNEY

 We just got back from a wonderful week at Disney!  So glad Mimi, B and MoMo went with us and experienced the magic through Parker and Will's eyes! It was awesome!  B and Mimi rented an awesome house near all the parks and it was great to be able to come back each night and cook dinner, swim in the pool and relax before heading off to the next park in the morning!
 Our first day was spent in Hollywood Studios where we met Mater, Lightening McQueen, Buzz and Woody!  Will was in heaven!

 Toy Story Mania was our favorite ride the entire week! Everyone loved it and we were able to get a Fast Pass and ride it again later in the afternoon.  Even little P would get in on the action and he LOVED the 3D glasses!

 On Monday we went to Sea World with our first stop at the dolphins where you buy sardines and feed them. 

 The shows are pretty awesome and it was nice to sit in the shade and rest too!  While our friends back in NC were experiencing  40 and 30 degree temps we had a 80 degree week!

 These two were AWESOME all.week.long   I don't know if it was the magic of Disney, but their behavior and listening skills were amazing.  It made the week so easy!
 See how captivated they are?  We all loved watching the animals!

See that drop?  Our 3 year old rode this ride! Twice.  Like a champ!

 Our favorite part of the day was our last ride, Antarctica.  You ride through an ice burg and then you get to meet penguins at the end. Parker was in heaven! So much so, that B bought both P and W stuffed penguins on the way out.  :)

Our third day was spent at Animal Kingdom where went on a safari, ate lunch with Mickey and friends and then ended the day with a parade.


Wednesday, we visited the Magic Kingdom.  The were no crowds and we rode ride after ride with no wait! It was awesome!

 Thursday, was our "off" day while we were there.  We stayed in our PJs, read and swam in the pool and then went to Outback for dinner that night.  While we all rested, AP responded to a couple work emails and then took off for a nearby cable park.  Yep, he definitely did his research by googling local cable parks and packed his wake board and wet suit! Only my husband.  He said it was awesome and was able to board for 2 straight hours.  Happy guy!

Our last day in the park was spent back at the Magic Kingdom and also it was this momma's birthday!

 Apparently, meeting Pluto rubbed off on us....geez!

 Parker was content waving at the characters from afar, but once they got close there were tears.

"Tinkerbell" came every morning and dropped off gifts for the boys (aka. Mom and I purchased a lot of things here to avoid having to buy stuff in every park)  Each morning, they would both get up and run to the kitchen and squeal with excitement! It was so fun.  However, on the last day we told them they could pick out a few things while we waited for the parade and P found this "Quack Quack" hat and is in love with it!

Such a fun week! 


O Boys Mommy said...

Wow! Looks like so much fun. We are hoping to go for the first time in May. I'll have to get some tips!

Jennifer Piscorik said...

Looks like everyone had a fun trip!

Cynthia said...

My favorite Pfanny blog post of all time. LOVE the picture of you and Adam on the roller coaster and Will drinking the orange juice! Hilarious!