Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The cold weather isn't stopping us!

 Now that the cooler weather has arrived, we just bundle up and keep going!  Last week it was a short hike behind our house down to the pond. 
 Will is fascinated with school buses and it adds to his enthusiasm when we walk down to the bus stop and hang out with his "older" friends at the bus stop.  On this particular morning, he felt the need to dress up like Santa and wish them a MERRY school day.  This kid cracks us up all the time!

 Parker loves the nursery at church and continues to show everyone his precious smile :)

 Leaf piles have been a huge hit this fall.  The boys played hard one afternoon at Granny's.   They both enjoy "helping" AP blow the leaves in the backyard as well.

 Life and Science membership continues to be used.  It is our favorite museum to visit year round.  Check out that concentration!

 We had Family Fun Day last Saturday and took the kids to Pullen Park.  The weather was awesome and then we came home and....
did some fishing while riding our motorcycle! Such a fun kid!

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