Friday, November 1, 2013

Finishing up October

 Playgroup met up at Page Farms this week due to a teacher workday, 7 out of the 8 kids were able to meet up. Its been difficult to get us all together on a weekly basis due to everyone's different preschool schedules.  My cowboy and monkey just popped over for pics with the group before meeting MiMi for lunch.

 Later we carved pumpkins with Daddy :)

 On Tuesday, we went to Halloween Hoot at the library.  My little puppies like listening to the books, dancing to the music and then trick-or-treating around the library.

 A little Halloween party at Will's preschool.  Another mom and myself hosted this event.  She did the book and craft and I opted for the food.   The kiddos loved the goodies about as much as I did! Thanks Pinterest!

 And finally Halloween night!  The rocket and hamburger are ready to trick-or-treat!
The Stogners had us all over for dinner beforehand and then we went around the neighborhood.  Afterwards, most of us came back to their house and the kids watched a movie and the adults hung out on the porch. Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! Now get busy on your Christmas shopping!

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