Friday, August 9, 2013

The last three weeks...

 We arrived back in town just in time to celebrate our friend's 2nd birthday at Three Bears Acres.  Ev had a cute Charlie Brown cake and fun was had by all!

 Adam and I co-hosted a couples' diaper shower for our dear friends.  Brooke and Josh did the same for us when we were pregnant with Will.  Once we had Will, we did not buy diapers for 11 1/2 months!  So we definitely needed to reciprocate this awesome favor!

 Some Smithfields BBQ, a keg and some some dress-ups what more do you need?
 AP escaped to DC for Marshall's bach. weekend.  So glad Marshall and AP are close and enjoy hanging out together along with Marc and cousin Will :)
 Purchased new cleats for the upcoming soccer season!  We took him up to the nearby soccer fields and now he doesn't want to take off the cleats..ever!  He asked to wear them to church last week and got pretty upset when we said "no."  (Definitely not a "yes mom" moment there..oh well!)

Looking forward to a fun season!  Go Transformers!

 Our neighborhood book club continues to get together every month.   I have really enjoyed these evenings because not only does it expose me to different books, but I love sitting around and drinking wine with some of my favorite neighborhood friends.
 Sneaking out in the morning to some of the local parks has been key due to the heat.  One of our favorites is Brier Creek because it is so toddler friendly and P can do everything there.

 Parker and Will attended VBS last week so AP and I managed a couple date nights.  Wahooo!
  I think my 5 hours of volunteering at a local consignment sale paid off because I got some awesome stuff for both of my boys for the fall/winter!
 Last Sunday morning, we did a little dry land wake boarding in the living room.  This immediately led Adam to start searching the internet for toddler wake boards for next season! I have a feeling we will own one before the summer ends :)

 Our neighborhood held a Fiesta at the pool last weekend...taco bar, ice cream truck, pinata and cardboard boat races!
 We met up with the Piscoriks in Garner this past week at Go Play Outside Now for some fun.  The kids enjoyed the huge sand box, tunnel slides, rope swing and all the chickens/ducks roaming around.
 These 3 were so funny together.
 Aneila couldn't have been any sweeter to Parker. She rode with him over and over and then asked if he could come over for a sleepover...precious! 
 Last workshop of the summer was about butterflies.  Miss Marti and all the little butterflies flew around searching for nectar :)
 This butterfly was the sweetest :)
 Afterwards, we popped over to the Bedford neighborhood for a picnic and playground time before heading home for naps.

 We also squeezed in one more trip to the local rodeo at Carousel Farms.  It was a last minute decision, but we were so glad we did it after seeing both of the boys faces while watching all the action.  I think Granny was glad she got to see it too!
We actually have a few quiet weeks (shocking I know!), but don't worry summer ends with a bang with 2 weddings, a lake trip and a trip to California....with both kids!  Wish us luck!

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O Boys Mommy said...

Wow! You all are non-stop! Looks like you are having a fun summer :)