Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Small Group Retreat Weekend

 Last weekend, we escaped for a retreat with our small group to Whitefield Retreat in Virginia.  Our group of 8 families continues to get together 3 times a month; and since we enjoy hanging out so much we felt a trip was in order!
 6 couples were able to go and it was so pretty and relaxing!

 One big cabin, lots of laughing, board games, family style dinners and even some fireworks over the pond!
Looking forward to our next trip as a group soon!
Clarks, Hazells, Neals, Burds, Walkers and us :)


Brandi Walker said...

It was a great time. Great photos posted too!

Katie and Rick said...

Small world, Megan.
I recognized one of the couples. Emmalyn has been in class with Camden since infant. He's such a sweetie