Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nature Workshops

 Three year-old half day camps filled up quickly this year, but we were able to get in lots of nature workshops this summer. Will learned all about snakes, touched a corn snake (told the instructor that he wanted to hold it!) and went on a snake hunt. 

 Another morning, we went over to Optimist and completed a Doodlebug Detective workshop where we learned about the 3 body parts and collected lots of bugs in our butterfly nets and containers.  Since, Optimist pool was right door, the mommies planned ahead by packing our suits and a picnic.  It was a perfect day because we had the smaller pool all to ourselves!
 The last workshop, also the hottest (and yes, the snow boots actually came in handy as we hiked down to the pond) was all about dragonflies and what neat creatures they are.  

Looking forward to our last one about butterflies next week!  Now, that we know how awesome these workshops are, we are already signed up for some fall ones and will be better prepared for signing up earlier for the camps next summer! 

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