Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The rest of OIB week

The kids were sad to see AP leave for work on Tuesday, but they were quickly entertained with their new boat/pool.  We just sat out and the back and they splashed in the boat, played with their monster trucks in the mud and later Will went kayaking with MoMo and myself up and down the canals.
 Its not a beach trip without seeing a bunch of fish.  We love riding the ferry from Southport to the Pine Knoll Shores aquarium, however, we decided to change it up and visit the aquarium at Broadway at the Beach.
Very cool and very relaxing :)
 This kid could not get enough of Sharky.  (Disney is going to be so much fun for W with all of the characters!)

Goodbye OIB!  We'll see you very soon!  Its summer time and we try to visit as often as possible!

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Anonymous said...

Granny loves these pics from OIB....especially the hand holding!