Tuesday, July 2, 2013

OIB Beach Week- Part 1

 We stopped by to check out the "big boat" on our way to Ocean Isle last week.  Our intentions were to have a picnic, but the storms ruined that plan.  Instead we ran around the park area in the sprinkles and little bit of blue sky and kept trucking to OIB.

 Sunday night we went to dinner at AP's favorite place, Sugar Shack. 
 Just the adults- no kiddies.  These sweet little nuggets went to Hot Momma's beach house for the night.  Yes, Hot Momma has a place down at the beach as well.  How awesome is that? Yep, everyone needs a Hot Momma.  She and her family are AWESOME!

Meanwhile these two were drinking Red Stripe and pretending to be in Jamaica!

 Monday morning with dark skies above, we decided to be optimistic and head to Calabash for some blueberry picking!  As soon as we drove up, blue skies and we left with a bucket full of berries!  The other perk for Will was all of the farm animals. This cowboy and Farmer George, of course loved all of the goats, pigs and chickens :)
 Before dinner that night, we attempted our first game of putt putt with Will.  Comical would be the best way to describe this event. :)  Bless him, he can dress the part, but actually hitting the ball and focusing was another story!
 There was lots of cheering,
 ball kicking and
 hugging various pretend animals throughout the course.  It was definitely an entertaining 18 holes for sure!

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