Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

 Red, White and Blue! Decorate your bike, wagon and your scooter too!

We hosted our annual July 4th Bike Parade again this year for our neighborhood friends.  7 families participated in the patriotic fun!
 Group picture before they took off on the parade route (all of 0.25 miles!) whew!
 AP pulling up the rear with W and P in the wagon playing music along the way :)

 Star wands, doughnuts and fresh fruit filled the bellies once everyone completed the course!
Proud to be an American!

Will wasn't feeling well after the bike parade, but revived and felt the need to help Daddy with the yard work in this attire.  Don't you just love his style lately?  Snow boots one minute, a sweat band the next....whew!  
Since AP was washing the car, W felt the need to do the same to his firetruck.

Unfortunately, Will still wasn't feeling that great later in the evening, so he stayed home with Aunt MoMo while we to the Hepp's Annual 4th of July party.  (Aunt MoMo and Will had their fun too with movies and "black ice cream" - chocolate syrup on ice cream.)
Parker shared his treats with friends and had a blast hanging out with all the big kids.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!

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