Tuesday, July 30, 2013

 We managed another quick beach trip after the 4th of July to visit "Hot Momma" and family (The Grimes family).  They invited the boys and I down for a few days and we all had a blast!
 Staton and Eason are always so calm and patient with W and P.
 We managed to have lots of fun on the beach, played at the park and tons of golf cart rides all over the island :)

 More ice cream for the ice cream monster! 43, 556 napkins later he was clean :) Plus, we hit the pool before bed and that took care of the rest of the stickiness!

 On our last day, I took Will to the Ocean Isle Beach Day Camp where he attended "Turtle Camp" and learned all about sea turtles by listening to stories, making a craft, playing games and even recreating a turtle nest on the beach.
Before heading home, we stopped at the OIB airport and checked out all the planes, however, next time we are done, Daddy and W plan to go up and check out the island from above!

Thanks for having us Grimes family!  Now enjoy your peace and quiet :)

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