Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lovin' all my BOYS

 Some girls like diamonds, flowers and chocolates, but this momma likes items checked off the to-do list even more!  This was the delivery that I received Thursday afternoon and now we have clean gutters, leaves blown and pine straw spread.   AP knows my love language and does it well!

 Even though the hubby and I aren't big Vday people, I feel it is my job as a mom to make it special for the boys.  So a little Valentine breakfast, simple gifts and cute shirts! Viola!

 Love this kid!
 This one too!

 While Will was at his Valentine's party at school, Parker and I did some errands and shopping at Southpointe mall.
 After naps, we went for a run and some playground time.  Will licked this huge sucker along the way :)
Of course, we ended the night with our annual heart-shaped pancake breakfast tradition.

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