Monday, February 11, 2013

Calling All Cowboys!

 When I saw that a rodeo was coming to the NC State Fairgrounds, I knew Will (who sleeps with his cowboy hat every night!) would love this entertainment.  So on Friday night, we ate a quick dinner, put on our flannel shirts and cowboy boots and hit up our first rodeo! Yee haw!
 I was pretty sure that since the show started at 7:30pm that we would last about an hour.  Nope! Dead wrong.
 This kid was in heaven! He didn't blink or talk for about 30 minutes. 

Later in the evening, I asked Adam what time it was and we both laughed because it was already 9:45!  Both kids were doing awesome and we actually left when it was over at 10:00!

 I don't what made Will's night more- the bull riders, seeing cowboys ride horses, tractors smoothing over the dirt at intermission, Chickfila cow or a REAL cowboy with a ROPE!!  This guy helped Will over and over lasso that "bull."  Will was so proud of himself and so happy to hold that rope in his hands because one day in the car he told me that "I'm just a cowboy and all I need is a rope."  (Not gonna happen! Poor Parker would be tied up before I could blink!)
 Thanks to MoMo who also came along.  We had a good time as a family at our first (and not our last) rodeo!

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