Friday, November 30, 2012

Already in the Christmas Spirit!

 While this Momma was running through colored powder, AP and Uncle Marshall took the kids downtown to the Raleigh Christmas parade.  When asked why he was so willing to take them, AP responded with "Its a tradition."  It made my heart smile because I love establishing our own family traditions, no matter how big or small they are.
 Adam said they couldn't have picked a better spot for this event.  They ended up setting up camp at the very beginning of the parade where all of the floats, bands and entertainers hang out before they proceed forward.  This allowed our active and spunky 2 year-old to mingle with people on the floats and give high fives as people were getting ready.
 Afterwards, the guys treated themselves to a couple of beers while P and W had lunch at Napper Tandy's.
 I got home about the same time they were walking out the door to the North Hills Tree Lighting where a great family friend is Santa Claus.  We picked up Granny on the way and went to enjoy the holiday festivities!
 Santa's line was very long and there was no way Will would have made it.  So instead we visited with friends and Will went sledding down a small ramp (boy, was it fast!)

We may not have gotten our pic with Santa, but we did get some pics and hugs from Mrs. Claus! Thanks Pittengers for always being so sweet to the boys :)

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