Friday, November 30, 2012

Turkey Day 2012

 Turkey Day started early over here at the Pfanmiller household because we participated in the Wake Forest Gobbler's Run.  We had 12 people sign up for our team ("Team Pfanny", of course!) which probably needed to be renamed "Team Nathan" because he walked the entire 3.1 miles on his prosthetic legs! Wahooo!  He received tons of cheers from the crowd as he crossed the finish line.  He continues to be an inspiration and it was a great reminder to us all that we have so much to be thankful for!

 Granny and Grandpa Pfanmiller hosted Thanksgiving for everyone this year at their new home.  It was so fun to be with such a large group for the holiday.
 The "adult" table with the babies at either end.

 The "grown-up" kids table :)

 Our little turkey was all smiles as he gobbled up his cheerios and sweet potatoes.

 Since the movie, "Christmas Vacation" is a favorite among many in this group, we had our own "Griswold" lighting event after dinner. With champagne in our reindeer glasses and all of us saying, " Ssssssssss!" the Christmas lights turned on and the inflatable Santa came to life!  It was really cute and obviously it was all done for Will to enjoy, however, I think everyone had a good laugh.

 "There is Ho Ho!" - Will
With full bellies, we took the long way home and enjoyed the Christmas lights all throughout the neighborhood.

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