Friday, August 10, 2012

Farmer Mary- Round 2

 We had another field trip to Winterpast Farms this time with the neighborhood playgroup.  Farmer Mary was excited to see us arrive and to show off all of her animals at her farm.
 The kids enjoyed seeing all of the 4 week-old piglets running around as well.  Will could have cared less about the pigs, he preferred the larger animals (llama, goats and donkeys) instead! Too funny!

 The baby bunnies were no longer babies this time around.  Here they are grown up!

 We got a little sidetracked for a bit once some tractors and bulldozers were spotted, but was quickly forgotten once Farmer Mary mentioned that we were going on a walk through the pasture to visit with some more animals up close.
 Parker met some more friends too!

 Maya was determined to pet Momma Pig

 Cate and Will

Following Farmer Mary through the pasture so they could "help" her count her animals.

  It was a great visit and we look forward to maybe even having Farmer Mary bring some baby bunnies to a play date this spring for some cute Easter pics!

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