Friday, August 10, 2012

Back on the Water!

 We have returned from the Pfanmiller Family's piece of paradise (aka Smith Mountain Lake).  Instead of the regular B Pfan crew, we had Granny's side of the family join us from California and Kansas.  We also changed it up a bit, by staying in condos with this view!  Not only could AP and his Uncle Bruce get smooth water in the morning, but we could all watch from our balcony, or better yet the beach or pool!

 This little guy spent a lot of time down at the pool.  If he wasn't on the boat, he was splashing, swimming or backing up his Hummer and boat trailer poolside. 
 We even found a cute little Irish pub on the water.  We started off the trip for drinks and dinner there the first night.

 The first couple days, Will was all about Chase ("Tace") and Uncle Bruce ("Booze").
 Meanwhile, Parker played with his toys in the shade watching big bro splash around.
 See, Will and Bruce went down the water slide together.

 Aunt Ruthie and Andy took Parker for a little swim one afternoon.

 The whole crew laying out by the pool, waiting for the next boating adventure.

 One afternoon, we had lots of people packed onto two boats when a thunderstorm erupted.  Luckily, we were near the Irish pub again, so we popped inside for some shelter....and some beer! Yep, we're regulars now!  While we were there, Will played us some tunes for the crowd :)
 Meg, Sherri and Amy
Those Armstrong boys really loved on P and W last week!  

We had a great trip visiting with everyone and showing off our little piece of paradise tucked away in Huddleston, Virginia!

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