Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nose to Tail BBQ

 A pig pickin'? What's that?  Welcome to the South!  My brother hosted a pig pickin' for friends, family and some of his co-workers last weekend.  The boys (Marshall, Adam and Marc) jumped out of bed and started the cooking process at the crack of dawn.  The rest of the SWINE crew arrived later in the evening.
 The boys ("Pork Bros") spent lots of time talking (i.e. bragging) about their matching t-shirts/aprons that they were designing.  Well, leave it to the "Pork Sistas" to create their own as well.  And I must say, they were "Sweet Swine"!
 What is that blurry thing?! Oh, wait that is my child.....nonstop mover and a shaker.  Only stopped if Marc fed him some mac n' cheese....literally!  Later, the two of them spent the evening throwing fists full of glow sticks in the air ....ahh!  Uncles, we love them, but both are CRAZY!

 Parker just enjoyed being held throughout the evening by various friends and family.

 Mmmm nothing makes a boo boo feel better than a PIGGY cupcake!! oink oink!!
We had a great time and look forward to making this an annual event!

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