Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

 Happy 4th of July

Every neighborhood needs a bike parade while celebrating the 4th of July!  I grew up participating in one every year at our swim club, so I knew the kiddos in the neighborhood would have fun with the idea too! 
Everyone met up at our house with their scooter, bike and/or wagon decorated in patriotic colors and then the parade began!  We completed a 1/4 mile loop and then returned back home for some snacks.

This little firecracker, the birthday girl started us off!  Lead the way Caitlyn!  Check out those boots!

Coffee for Daddy and a pinwheel for Will.....both are proud participants!

Sweet Parker is proud to be an American!

Once the peddling and marching came to an end, we found shade and grubbed.  The doughnuts were a hit if you could eat them before they melted! Even at 9:30 in the morning, it was quite warm out there!
 After the parade, we took MiMi, B and Morgan out on the boat at Falls Lake.  They wanted to see Will in all of his glory (his ski trainer).  Not only did he perform, he even managed to stand up on it as well!  Next summer, he'll definitely be on skis (most likely kiddie skis tied together)!  Then we stopped by Granny and Grandpa's new house, grabbed a bit to eat and then off to the Hepp's Annual 4th of July Bash!

Will and Parker loved the bright colors of the fireworks.  After it was all done, Will shouted, "More Fireworks!"

Check out Baby Banks wearing pink headphones during the firework display!  Another sweet baby to add to the Hepp clan.  Thanks for having us over!  We had a great time!

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