Thursday, July 5, 2012

Around Here Lately

Love this pic of Bella, Will and Parker

 We've been staying cool and enjoying our A/C lately.  The boys have spent some time cooling it in their diapers and underwear.  Yep, Will rocks his Thomas the Train underwear for a few hours almost every morning.  We haven't dove into the whole potty training ordeal, but he is showing interest and appears to enjoy it!
 A tractor, car or truck is usually being carried somewhere with this boy :)

 Tickle wars with B before bed

 Parker's old life jacket appeared to be getting small, but this one makes him look like a turtle!

AP got off early due to the 4th of July the next day, so we spent the afternoon at the lake.  Aunt MoMo came along and is helpful as always with the little nuggets.
 We've moved on from the ski trainer to now the wake surfing!  Watch out Overtons, you may have a new mini pro on your hands!  I don't know who enjoyed this more, Will or Adam!??!

Lots of chasing takes indoors as well.  Since our downstairs goes around in a circle, these two act like they are in the Indy500!

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