Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beating the Heat

 This week we had to be creative on different ways to beat the heat (its been 100-105 degrees a lot this past week!).  Luckily, Monday was our last day of indoor soccer and the program had a party for the kiddos at the end. 
 We also spent a couple days visiting shaded playgrounds at nearby parks with neighborhood friends.  North Hills park might be one of our new favorites! 

 As a family we explored the expansion of the NC Natural Science Museum downtown.  Adam's company bonded the deal so he was eager to see the inside as well.
We had a great family day :)  We spent the rest of the week at Marbles with Mimi, indoor play dates and even took Will and Park to one of the free summer movies! 

This afternoon we hope to decorate our bikes and wagons for the upcoming 4th of July parade we are hosting!

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