Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1 House + 1 Week + 1 Big Family = SML Vacation

 We just got home from 9 days at one of our favorite vacation spots, Smith Mountain Lake.  We all mistakenly showed up a week early for this vacay (oops!), but it worked out because we all got to stay together in one big mountain lodge.  The whole week we had great weather and lots of time on the water.
 Can you see the excitement?!  Little man pretty much lived in his life jacket.  He obviously thought it was comfortable because at times, would refuse to take it off (i.e. walking around INSIDE the house).  I guess he was afraid he might miss a boat ride.  He loves him some boat rides!  He was not even there 24 hours and somehow managed to ride on all 3 boats.
 Happy Father's Day! AP was pretty happy because he was at the lake and P had his first boat ride that Sunday.  Our little family of four cruising around the lake - awesome!
 Dinner Time Fun!  Every firetruck needs some pasta!

 See Captain Will is taking charge on Bob's boat!  That was also the first thing yelled out one morning when he got up ... "Bob's boat! Bob's boat!"
 Boat ride up to the bridge :)  Even Kramer dog tags along!

 Yep, 2 years old and on the ski trainer! Wahooo! (Will says, "wake board like daddy!")

 Aunt Amy is BUCKETS of Pfun!

Slip n' slide was for risk takers only.....lots of rocks and bumps beneath that tarp...yikes! It was fun though!

 Ice cream with Uncle Bob.  Can life get any better?!

 Fist bumpin' with Big Will and Danny!

 Since there was another house available the following week, we packed up Saturday and moved our stuff one cove over for the night.  Marshall, Morgan and Blair drove up to have some fun for the weekend.
 Will is excited and Parker sleeps....definitely how we still roll around here!

 Most uncomfortable life jacket, but still he doesn't complain!  One sweet laid back boy!

 The four of us on SML
 Marshall and P having some rest time before dinner

 Morgs and Blair

Blair shreddin' home

We're back home and have hit the ground running with play dates, soccer and bday parties.  However, we were glad to have a week of relaxation and time with the big Pfanmiller family!

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jen said...

You definitely need to be Marc's assistant blogger! Awesome pictures and great script! Thanks for the momentary step back in dreamland!!!!