Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hi-Ho! Off to Hyco!

 Last weekend we went back to the lake! We just can't get enough water time, which makes the hubby very happy (boat+kids+shredding= complete happiness in his world!).  We actually booked a little (and I mean, little!) cabin at Hyco Lake.  Once we told Will that he was sleeping on the bottom bunk, he didn't stop talking until 11:30!  Yikes!  And of course, he was ready to go at 6:30 the next morning which meant we were on the lake by 7:30!!
 Yep, no one out there except a couple fishing boats :)  Quite peaceful and of course, Parker took his morning nap out there.  I love how he can take his morning nap on the go and it doesn't prohibit us from doing stuff in the morning! 
 MiMi and B drove up to the lake and brought us lunch and we took them out on the water for a couple hours.  Maybe one day they'll buy a lake house and we can come back whenever we want!
 B and Will exploring in front of our cabin

 Definitely had to bribe with marshmallows to get this picture.  Pretty cute boys though!
 Saturday night AP grilled hot dogs and chicken before heading back out for an evening boat cruise.
 We drank and drank and drank water the entire weekend! It was pretty hot, but we stayed hydrated, cooled off in the water and were thankful for our air conditioned cabin!

After the kids went to bed, AP and I enjoyed the quiet evening on the front porch eating these s'more treats! Thank you Pinterest!  We had a great time and we loved our outdoorsy, family-filled weekend!

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Katie and Rick said...

My Dad lives up at Hyco now. We dont' get up there nearly enough.