Thursday, May 17, 2012

Parties, Pony Rides and Parks!

We moved in with MiMi and B for a week while our new floors were being installed. (Thanks to AP and his hardworking crew- B, Grandpa Dave and various friends/neighbors.)  We had fun staying with the grandparents, however, their peaceful mornings were quickly replaced with monster trucks, Elmo shows and the endless requests for oatmeal! :)  We managed to stay busy and mainly just report back for naps and dinner time.  Thanks again for having us!

Saturday morning started off with a brunch birthday party for Will's friend/neighbor, Ava at a local park.  Will was in heaven because they were serving doughnuts and boy did he partake!  Every time I turned around, those little hands were reaching for another!  Afterwards, we met up with MiMi and Aunt MoMo at Lafayette Village where they were having an Italian festival.  They had a band playing, craft stations, gelato, wine and pony rides.
Not so sure about this...

He much rather dance to the music and chase the bubbles :)

We are loving our membership to the Life and Science Museum this year!  We didn't have plans on Tuesday, so off we went to meet up with some of our neighborhood friends.  Anna and Grady are a year older, but Will hangs with the best of them and three of them get along great!

The dinosaur trail was a big hit with the little ones, after they got over the fact they weren't real.

Snack time!
Nuala and Parker smiled and watched the big kids together.

We have been taking advantage of the sunny weather lately by visiting various local parks/playgrounds.  So far we have played at Baileywick, Strickland, Ritter, Kids Together, Laurel Hills and Honeycutt.  With our neighborhood Park-a-Palooza schedule we will be exploring all summer long!
See this little guy is all smiles about summer too!

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