Friday, May 18, 2012

NC Festival

 The "Got to be NC" Festival was back at the fairgrounds today.  And since one little boy had so much fun last year just looking at the tractors and animals, we knew we had to take him back again this year!  MiMi came along and she bought Will tickets for the rides!  Will could not contain his excitement!  He would walk up with such confidence and hop in each time!
 First ride was the choo-choo train!

 Parker drank his bottle and slept the whole time.  Talk about a baby on the go!  Next year, we'll have two little boys running at this festival!
 These cars went up and down and this child loved every second of it!

 vrmmmm! vrmmmm!

Driving jeeps is serious business!

 Will and MiMi had the merry go-round entirely to they rode it at LONG time!

 The flying bees with my little man

 We rode the train 2 more times because Will wanted to be the conductor.  He rang the bell and yelled, "All Aboard!"  during the ride!  Glad we have a train trip coming up this summer!

We ended the afternoon by feeding the llamas, goats and lambs.  

So glad we were able to have a nice afternoon at the festival. It is one of our favorite events to go to with kids. We might even go back again on Sunday!

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