Monday, May 21, 2012

Running, Racing and Ramblin' Around!

 Saturday morning started at the Koka Booth Amphitheater where MiMi ran her first 5K! Go MiMi!  She did awesome and we were glad to cheer her on! 
 There were a ton of kid friendly events for Will to participate in.  The bean bag toss and corn hole games were a huge hit, until he saw the stage and all of the musical instruments!  He kept trying to run up on stage!
 Brian, Lauren, MiMi, Cindy and Bridget 
 He didn't like being near the Easter Bunny, but he liked the Yogurt Frogs....go figure?!
 Afterwards, the boys celebrated a friend's birthday at the Rainbow Room.  Will ran and ran and ran some more!  Meanwhile, Parker smiled with whoever was holding him :)  Love those cheeks!!

 Sunday morning, I participated in my first triathlon.  It was a sprint triathlon meaning that it consisted of a condensed version of a real one, but still a triathlon nonetheless.  The good thing about the Ramblin' Rose race was that it was an all women's event and I knew several people participating for the first time as well.
 Transition area-everyone has their own method to their madness when switching from one event to the next.

 My training partner Turg :)
We made it!  

  I was really happy with my time (1:16).  I am now a TRI Mommy with my 14 week old baby in my arms!  Looking forward to doing it again next year and maybe one in between!


Katie and Rick said...

so impressed, congrats Megan!

O Boys Mommy said...

Go Megan! That's something I could never do. You rock!

jen said...

You never cease to amaze me, Miss Meg!! Awesome....