Monday, May 7, 2012

Will's Whirlwind Weekend

 Spring has been BEYOND crazy for us lately-new baby, swim lessons, softball, small group at church, triathlon trainings, birthday parties and weddings.  So it should be no surprise that the boat has been stored away until this past weekend.  Adam finally had the opportunity to get her out and off we went to the lake Saturday morning (Parker stayed behind with Granny since it was supposed to be hot.)
 Wake surfing...won't be long before our little shredder is out there too!
 I have to say that Will is AWESOME on the boat.  He might be nonstop when on land, but put him on the boat and he is so calm on the water.  He just sits back and waves at the other boaters, claps for the wake boarders or stands next to daddy while he drives :)
Looking forward to taking many family trips this summer!

 Saturday night MiMi and B kept the kids and AP and I went to Chapel Hill for the Winstead-Suttle wedding where we reconnected with lots of players from old CASL soccer team!  This is a pic of Emily, Kelly and our coach Jimmy Rogers and his wife.  We spent 9 years together where lots of memories were made on and off the field!
 Sunday morning Will and Adam went with the Grimes boys to a Blue Angels Air Show down in Cherry Point.  We didn't know how Will would handle all of the noise, but AP said it didn't even faze him and he barely blinked when the planes would fly over.

 They walked a lot which is always great for Mr. Wiggles.  Will was able to climb in various air crafts and jeeps while watching planes fly above.
 They came home later that night after stopping to eat at Parker's BBQ in Wilson, which I know made both of my boys very happy! They love them some southern BBQ and some hushpuppies!  Thanks again Grimes family for the fun day. AP has already said that they are looking forward to doing it again next year!

No rest for the weary.  Will slept in a little and then it was time for some toddler soccer!  It takes place at an indoor facility where they play games and "learn" the basics.  Lets just say, after watching today the coach really has his work cut out for him.  Its basically like herding cries, another child is singing a song, another one is laying down on his tummy ...meanwhile they are supposed to be doing a drill.  Will has 6 of his playgroup friends on his team so I know he his going to have a lot of fun with his buddies and hopefully, learn a few tricks by the end of the season as well.

 See...Molly and Will were holding hands and laughing. 
Coach Scott ended the session by letting them color a picture and get a sticker. 

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