Monday, January 11, 2016

Fall Catch Up Post

 Fall was crammed full of festivals, soccer games, a little more beach time and Halloween!

 Park West shopping center hosted an awesome fall festival with a huge water slide, snow cones, train ride, bounce houses and more.  The big boys were soaked and had a blast. Luckily, we found some outdoor seating that wouldn't mind to wet little monsters and ate dinner before heading home.

 The Teampfanny6pack rented a cute little cabin in Boone, NC.  We hiked, met up with friends, visited a couple breweries and spent lots of time playing in the creek behind our house. So fun! Already looking forward to going back this spring/summer!

One Friday afternoon, we surprised Will at the bus stop with not only Daddy, but his friend, Presley as well.  We all packed in the car and went to Aloha Zoo to visit all the rescued animals.

Took advantage of the warm weather and scooted down to OIB for a few days over track out- we love the YEAR ROUND calendar!

Fire Safety Festival - fire trucks, cotton candy, bounce houses, hot dogs and more!

 Not a fan! At. ALL!

 Will's buddy hosted a pirate party one afternoon.  They had the cutest games and activities planned.

 Back to another festival- SparkCon Festival! Momo and I took the kids downtown for some entertainment, food truck food and lots of chalk drawings :)

Ready to trick -or-treat! All four of them (the younger 3 only made it about 10 houses before P said his legs "ran out of gas"! 

Adam and I hosted a Woodlawn couples weekend at Hyco in October.  We played lots of fun games, had lots of water sports entertainment (some brave souls!) and lots of great food!

Then we had a small family party for the Twinkies 1st birthday.  Unfortunately, Connor woke up that morning with HFM (gradually all 4 came down with this virus over the course of Thanksgiving week)
Granny hosted at her house and we had a birthday brunch (chicken/waffle sticks, sausage biscuits, fruit, muffins and breakfast casserole.  Unfortunately, Connor and I missed the party due to being a the doctor confirming his HFM. :(  But at least the party was a success!

My parents were brave and offered to still watch all the kiddos so we could continue with our plans to go to the Angus Barn and eat with the whole Pfanmiller clan.  

Mom and Dad hosted the 2nd Annual Drinksgiving on Thanksgiving eve, by this time, all 4 kids had HFM, but Connor was on the mend.  So he was my lucky date that evening!
The next morning looked like drinking coffee, dispensing tylenol and lots of laying around while watching the parade.

Connor was able to go with Adam to Granny and Grandpa's house for Thanksgiving dinner. The rest of us remained in our jammies and tried to get rid of the nasty virus.

 After a week of being stuck inside, we were all desperate for some fresh air and a change of scenery so we followed through with our plan to head down to OIB for the weekend.

It got us in the holiday spirit! OIB hosts a little parade - mostly of decorated golf carts on Saturday morning and then a pretty awesome flotilla that evening.

That's all for the fall catch-up! Next onto Christmas!

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