Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Some Summer Adventures

 We love summer and we hate that it is coming to an end.  The kids and I have had a blast exploring and "doing summer" all season long. 

 Blackberry picking is something that the older two love to do.  They worked amazingly well together and collected majority of the berries while I pushed the twinkies down the rows.

 Geocaching (aka "treasure hunting") is something the big boys enjoy as well.  The love finding the larger ones and picking out a treasure from the container.

 We made use of our Life and Science membership.  Love playing on the playground, visiting the animals and then cooling off in the mist exhibit.

 Will and his good buddy, Presley

 Caroline and Connor found some shade while the big ones ran around in the hot sun.

 We showed Mimi Prarie Ridge and played in the creek to cool off.

 Tuesday night is rodeo night! Giddy up!  We met the Burds there and all the little cowboys had a great time!

 Small group has gotten together quite a few times this summer, just as adults.  Always a treat to have group date night!
 Walkers and Pfanmillers living it up at the Rolling Stones!

 Our neighborhood has a mini community library and it is always fun to pick out a new bedtime story.
 Food trucks at the pool have been an absolute HUGE hit this summer.  The trend is hot and its great to have dinner already taken care of on both Wednesday and Sunday nights all summer long!

 Speaking of pool, the twins had the pleasure of hanging out with Meaghan.  With four kiddos and 2 adults it made it much more enjoyable for everyone!

 Lots of bike riding.  Ready for cooler weather so we can do a big family bike ride with the twins in the bike trailer.

The big boys were sick with a virus, but the sun was out. So I froze a bunch of their plastic toys in a big bowl and they chipped away at them.  Fresh air does the body good!

 T-ball was a hit with Will.  He prefers this more than soccer so we plan to stick with this and continue again next spring.  Again he had quite the cheering section with all the family.

 These two went from sitting up to crawling and then standing all within 3 weeks. They continue to be precious and very happy babies!

 Will and Parker went to VBS at their preschool.  They had a great time, learned some neat songs and got to see a bunch of their buddies.

 Will and I had some one-on-one dates while Parker stayed with my parents at the lake for a few days.  He chose to go to the "world museum" and eat ice cream for dinner.  Done!

 Aunt Momo met up with us for some fun too!

We have a few more weeks of summer left and then P goes to preschool but W tracks out.  Then come October its just me and the twinkies!

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