Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lots of Lake Fun!

 Lots of time was spent at the lake this place this summer.  Hoping to continue to use it all year long!

 Late night boat ride with the hubby ;)

 These two are troopers.  They hang out on the dock in the pack n' play, exersaucer or floating with someone in the water!

 We tested out the new marina restaurant one evening with small group friends.  Opening night probably wasn't the best decision, but we had fun anyways....eating at 9:30pm!

 Lots of boats and boarding!

 We spend majority of the time hanging out on the big dock splashing, paddle boarding and floating!

 We are lucky to have some friends that have house nearby and they can just pop on over! 

 Twinkies splashing in about an inch of water :)

We love Hyco!

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