Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Part 3- GWL

 When pulling in, I think AP and I were just as excited as the boy.  With the twins back at home, that meant lots of water sliding for us too!

 Will ran in with me to check in.  Can you see his excitement after receiving his wolf ears?!

 This was Parker's area of the water park.  There were actually two water slides that he could do (its based on height) and we ended up doing those a lot as a family.  The big bucket at the top pours down about every 20 minutes and that may have been Will's favorite part.
 P and I hanging out and waiting for W and Daddy to come down a big water slide. 

 There they are!
 After a quick snack and rest, we reported back down to the main lobby for the 6:30 dance party.  Will and P busted out their best moves and had a blast.  Then it was back to the water park for another hour.
To end the night, they have evening show and story time.  They encourage the kiddos to come down in their jammies and wolf ears :)  Daddy brought pizza up to the room, we ate and then rested up for another fun morning going down slides and swimming in the wave pool before heading back to Raleigh!

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