Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Part 2 ~ Birthday Adventure Weekend

 We stayed in downtown Charlotte and were able to walk a few blocks up to the Discovery Place Museum.  Since we couldn't check into Great Wolf Lodge until 1:00, we explored and checked out all the exhibits before grabbing lunch and arriving at our final destination, GWL!
 The water table was enormous and the boys could have stayed there all day.  We eventually told them that we HAD to leave that room and move onto other stuff. :)

 There were lots of aquariums and a few larger animals to check out.  I remember coming here in 4th grade for a field trip/sleepover.  So cool to bring the kids back and do all the exhibits with my kids this time around :)
 Both Daddy and Will are as tough as nails!  
We grabbed lunch and and arrived at GWL.  The best adventure of the weekend!

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