Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beachin' It

 We spent Will's spring break down at OIB helping Mimi and B get the beach house ready for rental season.  In between some cleaning and yard work, we had plenty of time to play!  We love walking up to the nearby park and running all through the sandy playground.
 Couldn't have asked for better weather- 70's and 80's everyday!
 The boys love the wide open space.  Lots of freedom to run, dig and explore!

 Will's butterfly house came along with us, since his caterpillars formed their cocoons the week before.  We all enjoyed watching the butterfly check out his new home.  Since we have returned, two more have come out. 
 We even attended story time at the OIB Museum.  Sitting in a boat and listening to a story is quite different from our library at home (also very difficult to stay focused!)  At one point during the read aloud, Will called out, "Parker, crank the engine.  It's time to get out of here!"  Just like their Daddy, they love boats!

 Watching the sunset with Mimi and B
 These two had so much fun. It didn't matter that the water was freezing, they had the best time splashing in the water, building sandcastles and making race tracks in the sand.

 We picked up some good books at the little library birdhouse down the street too! 

Thanks Mimi and B for another fun week down at OIB.  Looking forward to a couple more weeks this summer!

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