Saturday, December 7, 2013

Full of Turkey and Togetherness!

 Thanksgiving Break was a wonderful 4 day vacation for Team Pfanny.  We ate well, spent a lot of time with family and managed to be productive around the house.  Thursday morning, the four of us bundled up and completed the Gobbler's Run 5K race in downtown Wake Forest.  The kids didn't find it amusing at first, but soon after Will was ready to participate in the running :)
 I mean, check out that little Santa runner! First in the air, such a little champion!
 3.1 miles done!  Another fun little family tradition for this Thanksgiving holiday.  Afterwards, we went home and did some baking for our dinner late that evening at Granny and Grandpa's house.
 We had both families together this year along with family friends.  A house full and lots of yummy food all around!
 The best family shot we got that evening :)
 Our little cowboy said the blessing and used his place mat that he made at preschool :) He was proud!

 Friday morning, our ELF on the Shelf arrived (later named, "Elfie") with a North Pole breakfast for the family.  We read the book, discussed Elfie's job and gobbled up our hot cocoa and marshmallow cupcakes.
 Then it was off to Three Bear Acres! We love this place.  Perfect for both boys to run free, explore and get lots of wiggles out!
 Bouncing on the bouncy pillow
 Sledding down the 400ft hill!

 The evening ended with our little Santas dancing and having family movie night in the playroom :)
 Saturday morning, B took Will to a Home Depot workshop where they made a toolbox.   Going out to breakfast afterwards as pretty special too!
 Meanwhile, AP and his little boat mechanic assistant were winterizing the boat and putting it away for the season.  See ya in March!

 They do love each other ;)  Tis the season!

 Later that evening, we continued with our annual trip to Hillridge Farms to ride the hayride through the lights with the family.

 Mimi and B were troopers, each taking the grandkids down the tunnel slide multiple times!
 Our little cowboy loved riding Graystone.

 Failure #2 with Parker.  Maybe next year buddy!  All was forgotten after a quick trip to the candy store!
Of course the boys spotted the monster truck on the side of the road so Will and AP got out to check it out!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families.  We were very thankful to be surrounded with both of our families and to have Adam home with us for 4 days too!

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Parker next to the Christmas tree is precious!