Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Team Pfanny lately...

 Our neighborhood had its annual yard sale and we hit the jackpot by scoring a new clubhouse for the boys :)  Parker loves peaking out the windows and Will continues to press the doorbell about 10,334 times a day!

 Did you know Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays?  Yep!  Just give me a margarita, a sombrero and some chips/salsa and I am one happy lady.  I'll be honest, I don't even know the history, but I love hosting my annual Mommy and Margarita play date.  Our friends the Kiefers hosted a toddler fiesta and I was able to drop off W to celebrate while P and I went to his speech evaluation.

 Remember all of those dog treats, toys and bags of food Will collected for his bday?  We managed to drive over to the new SPCA off of Tryon Road last week and deliver all of the goodies.  There were some happy volunteers and puppies once they saw our wagon!  We then went and visited all of the animals (dogs, cats and bunnies).  So glad Will was able to see who he was helping and be able to start understanding the purpose of giving back :)  Its something that we have been really working on this year and need to post some of our recent services.

 In honor the Prince William and Princess Kate's wedding anniversary, the Peczes hosted a tea party.  The girls wore their gowns and my little prince rocked his sport coat and tie :)
Parker is ready to see more of the Durham Bulls this summer.  Good thing we are going this Friday with AP's softball team and their families! 

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