Monday, March 4, 2013

Wake n' Flake - Round 4

While most of you were snuggled in your jammies and drinking coffee last weekend, this crew was wake boarding in the freezing cold water at Hyco Lake. Yep, not lying.  It was all for a good cause though.  It was for a charity event called "Wake n' Flake" where crazy people (i.e. husband, sister and friend, Kelly) wake board in the morning and then snowboard in the evening.  Majority of the money raised goes to the Oxford Children's Home. This was AP's 4th year participating in the craziness.

 After the crew warmed up and scarfed down some lunch, we continued up to Boone so they could snowboard at App Ski Mountain.  We parked the car and the gang literally changed in the snowy parking lot and headed to the ski lift.

Meanwhile I was up at the lodge sitting by the fire and enjoying delicious hot chocolate. 

It was a perfect 36 hour escape/mini vacay with the hubby, sister and our friends, The Wingates.  We were able to eat at some of our favorite restaurants and enjoy the constant snowfall.  Thanks to MiMi and B for watching the nuggets too!  They enjoyed lunch at McDonalds, wheelbarrow races in the backyard, movie time and yard work.

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