Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring is here

    As I type this, Adam and Will are out on the water at Falls Lake, Parker is sleeping, the windows are open and spring has FINALLY arrived! We have had a busy, fun and productive weekend over here.  Friday, we spent the morning at 3 Bears Acres and AP came home after lunch for the day and accomplished a lot around the house.  We had a family night that consisted of pizza and several Cailou episodes.  Wild night.

  Saturday morning, I hit the road with my parents, brother and sister to find a rehearsal dinner location down at Atlantic Beach/Beaufort area.  It was lots of fun, we were successful and probably haven't been together like that since 1995. Especially, not all in one car for an overnight trip.  Good times!  Meanwhile, AP held down the fort with the kiddos and they all had a sleepover at Granny's.  Smart man :)  I was back in town by lunch, but it was too late for the Food Truck Rodeo (next time for sure!), so instead the dog and cars were washed and the house is clean. 

 Have a great week!

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MommyBelle said...

I'm THRILLED spring is here, also :) Windows open again this morning and I couldn't be happier!!