Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Life of a 2 Year Old

 Will had a sleepover with Granny on Wednesday night and he was thrilled because he knew that it would include popsicles and lots of one-on-one attention.

 Before preschool, he studiously read his "magszine" from Uncle Bob and Aunt Jen.  

 Friday morning, Will attended a toddler yoga play date.  Miss Tina read the book, Yoga Baby and they recreated all the animals on a farm and at the end they made a big flower for the garden.  They all listened so well and then ate their dried fruit and trail mix after their workout.  It was so cute to watch them be so serious and QUIET!

 Check out that concentration! I signed Will up for a Lowe's kids workshop and B and MiMi offered to take him to it.  He received an apron, goggles and a patch for participating along with a wooden garage he made for cars.  MiMi and B said that he did great and really worked hard with the "knock knock" (hammer).

 Taking care of business!  Will is REALLY getting the hang of this potty training thing.  Can I get an AMEN??!  While picking up Aunt MoMo and Lauren, Will took care of business in their front yard.

 The train store was their next stop for the day. My dad found this place while in Cary a couple weeks ago and has been itching to take Will back.  It contains trucks, trains and tractors and this boy loves them all!
What adventure isn't complete without some Chickfila and then some running around at Strickland Park?  Whew!  This boy has been busy!  

But don't worry, Parker had a day with Granny this week as well and he went hiking with Uncle Marshall and Blair at Umstead Park today.  Which left AP and I without kids, so we went running together, ran some errands and drank coffee in complete silence! ahhhh! 

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