Friday, January 25, 2013

Sock Monkey Party for Parker!

  Our sweet Parker turned ONE today, but we celebrated a day early with his other baby friends and family!  I saw the sock monkey theme a while back on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect for our little monkey!
Everyone was invited to come over for dessert and "monkey around."  We had monkey bread, banana pudding, monkey balls (granola balls), banana chips, fruit, pretzels, monkey vines (twizzlers) and cupcakes!
The best was the sock monkey cake! Thank you Whole Foods, it was delicious and so cute!

The babies received sock monkeys as their party favor :)
Parker and his peeps (Banks, Brant and Estelle)
The siblings chowed down on all of the sugary goodness!

This was his facial expression for majority of the party! Like, why is everyone here?! What is going on?

Group hug!  Uncle Marshall, Granny and P.  Told you our families are close ;)

Aunt Amy and P

The cowboy was in attendance and had a difficult time realizing that this party was not about him and he couldn't open the presents!  However, we settled down once he found the treats and played with his friends.
Love my sweet squishy baby!

Happy Birthday Parker!  We love you and we had so much fun celebrating your first birthday!


O Boys Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Parker!

Since he's "such an easy baby" does this mean you'll be back on the baby wagon sooner than later ;)

Megan and Adam Pfanmiller said...

ha! Give me two years and then we'll see!

MommyBelle said...

What a cute birthday party idea! The pictures are great :) Hope he had a wonderful birthday!!