Thursday, January 24, 2013

Left Snow for the Sun!

 With about an inch of snow on the ground here in Raleigh, we flew to Scottsdale, Arizona to meet 70 degree weather.  We quickly changed out of sweaters and pants and put on our swim suits! 

Adam's grandmother passed away in October and the family decided to have a family reunion style weekend in January for everyone to get together.  Within 4 days we had a memorial service, celebration dinner, a bridal shower, car show, visited a train park, played at the pool all in that short amount of time!  It was nice to get together with everyone and catch up with all of the cousins too!
 I know after seeing Parker in the water that he is going to do great with his swim lessons this spring! The boys had a great time splashing around and Will loved that there was playground down there too.

Between the palm trees, mountains and the warm air; it felt like we were definitely at a resort!

The boys wore their matching ties and they looked so cute! 

Our little guy spotted Chick-fil-a across the parking lot and nice Grandpa left the group at lunch and took Will to eat his favorite "chick chick".  Grandpa won major bonus points for that move.  Check out how excited Will is with that balloon!
Granny, Grandpa and the little nuggets :)
The whole gang at the Roaring Fork in Scottsdale.

Andy (Adam's cousin) proposed to Angela this past Christmas so we will be heading to California to celebrate with them this fall!

Uncle Marc and Little Drooler at dinner.

We heard that there was an awesome train park in the area and it did not disappoint.  It was like Pullen Park, but lots of various train rides and a train museum.  We knew Will would love it so we went after naps on Sunday afternoon.

We had such a great time in Arizona with the entire gang and look forward to seeing some of them this summer at the lake and everyone again this fall in California!

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