Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Merry Merry 2012

 Christmas morning these kiddos chose to sleep in until 8:00!  Too bad this momma was wide awake and so excited for them to see their gifts!  We even managed to get baths done and dressed for the day.  It was a very calm and happy morning over here!
 Look at all of our goodies from Santa!
 Even played together for a bit
 We opened up presents and did our stockings and then it was off to MiMi and B's house for Christmas brunch and gifts!
 Sweet P just needed some snuggles and Aunt MoMo was happy to oblige :)
 Will walked right in and went straight for the food.  MiMi made him reindeer doughnuts and a cinnamon roll Christmas tree.  He was excited!
After tons of gift opening, yummy food and lots of laughs we packed up our loot and went home for some afternoon naps.  We did return for grilled steaks later in the evening.  Thanks for a wonderful everyone!  The  boys received lots of new winter clothes, toys and memberships/gift certificates to fun places all over Raleigh!

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