Sunday, October 28, 2012

Super Saturday!

 Super Saturday started off at StayRight Concrete Company. Adam took the boys to meet up with a friend and let Will crawl up in all of the big trucks.  AP dressed Will in his dump truck t-shirt for this adventure- he's catching on! ;)

MiMi saw that Elmo was coming to town and knew that our own Mini Elmo would love to say hello.  After lunch with Uncle Marshall, we went over to hug our big red friend.

 Our neighborhood had their annual Halloween Event later in the afternoon.  For this event, we took our very own Oompa Loompa and a spotted dog :)  (Still have one more costume for Halloween night!)
 Our little puppy dog had a great time and wore the ears the whole time!
 Who let the dogs out?!!
 The kids bounced their little hearts out in the bounce houses, while the adults ate and participated in the chili contest.
 Parker collected his Dunkin Donuts gift card for "The Most Unique Costume" Award.  Then we left to drop off the kiddos at Granny's house so AP and I could go to a Halloween Party downtown.

"The Family"  ~  Everyone in this picture is related either by marriage, sibling or an in-law! So fun!

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