Friday, September 7, 2012

Our Visit to TWEETSIE!

 MiMi and B, being the awesome grandparents, treated us to Tweetsie Railroad on Sunday.  It sure has changed a lot since we visited when we were kids.  There is so much to do! We spent 5 hours and still didn't get to everything.  The kids did great! It was well after 3pm when we left, neither had a nap and they were both still happy! Makes me think Disney might be possible in a couple of years! ;)
 Our little cowboy saw these horses and wanted to ride them.  We took one cowboy and one train conductor with us to the park! :)
 B and Will rode the carousel, can you tell he is excited!??!

 We met up with our friends, Jenna and Josh Cash and their little ones at the park.  Here, Adam and Will are racing Josh and Lucas on the race track!
 Oh! Look a Gold Digger! Nope, its just Aunt MoMo! ;)

 Taking the chairlift to the top to see the farm animals. Hold on tight Will!

 Our little conductor is ready for the train ride to begin!

 We didn't think the cowboy hat would last, however, we were wrong.  He loved it and it was perfect to keep the sun off of his face as well.  Such a cute cowboy!

Lucas and Will working together! Thanks Cash family for meeting up with us! It was a great day at Tweetsie!

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