Friday, September 7, 2012

Our Mountain Getaway 2012

Sorry lots of pictures because we had lots of fun!  For Labor Day weekend my parents rented a cabin on the New River in Todd, NC.  It was perfect for both kids and dogs!  Will had the best time casting his fishing pole each day.  Also, he could walk all around which was great since he loves to be independent!
If you asked him how many fish he caught, he would respond with a very serious face and say, "two" each time.
Friday morning Mom and I traveled one town over to West Jefferson to visit the big cows at the Cheese Factory.  Will wasn't too impressed, however, the downtown has some cute shops where we did some early Christmas shopping.

We stopped and had a picnic lunch and let Wild Man loose on the playground.  His face was completely red and DID NOT want to leave after 2 hours of fun! (Until this Momma bribed him with marshmallows! Choosing our battles...)

MiMi and Parker

Lots of farm land in this area of the High Country and the barns display the coolest quilt-like designs!  This one was right down the road from us and it was definitely our favorite!

While we were in West Jefferson, the rest of the gang (BK, Adam, Marshall and Morgan) went to the Banner Elk Winery.  Now who got the short end of the stick?  Just kidding!

Pretty much the only decent shot I got of the two of them together. Parker is always ready with his big smile, but big brother would rather be running around instead....oh well!
Later in the afternoon, we tubed down the river.  Will was great and very serious about this adventure.  He liked going fast and sat there very still with AP.

After Adam's tube started to lose air, Will hopped over to mine and we finished our hour long float trip together.  Most of the floating was done in about 12 inches of water, but of course, when AP and Will fell off their deflated tube it was over 9 feet deep. Yea for puddle jumpers!

Saturday was ASU Game Day!  We all sported our black and yellow and went to Klondike Cafe to have lunch and watch the game.
Posting up with Uncle Marshall at the bar, I mean restaurant!
Look at our little Mountaineer!  Such a cutie! 

(*See the bandage on AP's finger? Well, lets just say we visited the ER earlier in the morning and came out with 6 stitches due to a knife incident during breakfast time.) 

Some of my favorite boys!  Parker was getting some snuggles with BK :)

We cooked dinner around the fire pit one night and it was so fun!  Will and the dogs ran around in the big yard or in the creek, Parker slept on a blanket and the rest of us enjoyed dinner around a campfire!  So fun! 

 Thanks MiMi and B for a great vacation! Looking forward to our trip next summer!

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MommyBelle said...

Great pictures! Looks like a blast and a wonderful place to rent a cabin with the family :)