Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Homeruns with the Hess family!

 Adam has been wanting to take Will to a ball game all summer, so when I saw that the Durham Bulls were playing at 5pm on a Sunday we decided to give it a shot.  Plus, we asked one of our favorite families to join us, The Hess Family!  Yay!  We hadn't seen them in several months so it was nice to take these kids to their first baseball game together!
 Wyatt and Will are very similar and usually just have 1 speed....GO!  However, at the game they couldn't have behaved any better! Our goal was to make it through 3 innings, but we made it the entire game. They did awesome!  They sat in their seats, watched the game, laughed at Wool E. Bull and ate their food! 
 We definitely all needed something cold since it was so warm out.  Wyatt spotted the slushy guy right away and knew that he wanted that as his treat!
 Little P stayed cool in our laps :)  He continues to be such an easy baby
It was a double header Sunday evening, so they had Wool E. Bull entertaining the crowd with his dance moves.  Will thought he was funny and keeps saying, "Cow dancing Momma! He's silly!"  Seriously, four days later and he still is talking about that "cow"!

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O Boys Mommy said...

I tried to catch up with you beforehand, but didn't. We were there too. I'm impressed you made it through the entire game! I thought we were doing great to make it to the top of the 5th (a RECORD for us)