Friday, July 20, 2012

Around Here Lately

 Another week of summer has passed by! Luckily it has cooled off a bit and we were able to be outside every day this past week.  On Monday, we explored a new park with playgroup called Cedar Hills.  Its tucked back in a neighborhood and provides lots of shade.  Both Ian and Will spent lots of time on the diggers.

 We also purchased a new double BOB jogging stroller.  We've been enjoying it this week while walking with Kelly and Estelle in the mornings.  Its a workout pushing both, holding the leash and at times running with the gang, but its worth it!

 On Tuesday, I took the kids to see Smurfs at the Raleigh Grande.  This was their second visit to the theater and they both did amazing!  Will actually sat and watched until the last 10 minutes (Parker slept, shocking I know!?) when he crawled into my lap and told me he wanted to go potty.
 Speaking of potty, we are doing some potty training here on the home front!  We're not really pushing it, but he does appear to be interested and enjoys wearing his Thomas underwear on his booty, not just his head!  After he gets up in the morning he will wear his underwear most days until nap time and he is doing awesome!

 A Dunkin Donut makes all booboos better right?  On Wednesday, Will's arm popped out of socket.  After about 3 minutes at the pediatrician's office, they popped it back in and he was smiling and using it again! 

 Thanks to my dear friend, Jodie, I have a new favorite drink ~ vanilla almond milk and coffee ice cubes...a little splash of Baileys might equal perfection!

Just to show everyone that not every day is just peaches over here...yes, we have tantrums and cry (some days more than others).  But, goodness gracious that boy is still cute in his little bow tie!!

We are here again this weekend (yahoooo! No traveling or packing!), however, we have a couple home projects we want to complete and then taking the kids to their first baseball game with the Hess family on Sunday!  Happy Friday ya'll!

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