Saturday, June 2, 2012

Memorial Day 2012 - Beach Week

 We just got back from a week at the beach with the Kelly family.  I took lots of pics of the boys having fun down at OIB.  Uncle Marshall loves his little nephews!
 I love buying them matching outfits  :)  We had a rainy day on Wednesday so we opted for some shopping down at the MB outlets.  MiMi and I bought the boys a few more summer/fall outfits for the boys. On the way home, we stopped for our first ever Sonic experience...where have we been? 

While on the beach, Will would dig in the sand, feed the seagulls (or "ducks" as he calls them) and then jump the waves in the water.  He also enjoyed running with the boogy board through the sand- not the water...hmmm!

"Yay for the beach!"
We also dominated some paddle boarding.  Instead of going out for a date night, Adam and I along with Marshall and Blair rented paddle boards.  We had a great time cruising around that day and then again early the next morning.
Even MiMi and B got in on the action.  Check out the paddle board "high fives"!  Now they want to buy some for the beach house...yay!
AP was sweet and offered to take Will so he wouldn't feel left out.  He loves to be out on the water just like his Daddy!
This is what happens to you after some beach time, paddle boarding with Daddy and a long bike ride with Mommy! Whew!  He was one tired boy!
Holden Beach was having a beach music concert on Sunday Night.  So we packed a cooler and watched "The Imitations" preform.  Will loved the music and danced with MiMi.
The "Kids" and grandkids- minus Morgan (She was in Greece, but we still missed her!)
Corn was his favorite snack.  Clearly, he couldn't get enough of it because he ate 4 pieces in about 20 minutes.....
Chubby Parker :)
After everyone else left, MiMi and I took the boys to the playground almost every evening.  Will would make new friends each time and run around the entire time we were there. 
MiMi took Will to the fire station (or "firetruck house")  The firemen were nice and he climbed up on the truck while they cooked their steaks and clams outside for dinner.
At the ice cream store, Will insisted that he wanted to "ride the forsie" (aka horse, but really a cow!)
More fun in the sun!
Parker is learning to fight back ;)

Hope you all are enjoying the first week of summer!

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mamie said...

I love seeing pictures of your sweet family! (Your mom shared your blog with me.)